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List of Service Metrics

The following is a list of service metrics. For definitions of these metrics, as well as a complete list of real-time metrics, see List of All Real-Time Metrics in the Reporting Reference Guide. The metrics here are listed in alphabetical order.


Busy Svc

CB Requested

CB Waiting


IN Active

IN Agent Disconnected

IN Avg Talk Time

IN Breached SLA

IN Carried Over

IN Carried Over New

IN Closed

IN Desktop


IN Handled

IN Handled New

IN Handled Unique

IN Handled Unique %

IN IVR Abandoned

IN IVR Dropped


IN Max Wait

IN Queue Abandoned

IN Queue Abandoned %

IN Queue Dropped

IN Queue Sh-Abandoned

IN Queue Sh-Abandoned %

IN Queued

IN Queued Unique

IN Received

IN Received New

IN Rejected

IN Remote Disconnected

IN Replied

IN Ringing

IN Ringing Abandoned

IN Ringing Dropped

IN Routed

IN Self Serviced

IN Svc Change Received

IN Svc Changed

IN Svc Level %

IN Svc Level Day %

IN Total Abandoned

IN Total Abandoned %

IN Total Talk Time

IN Transferred

IN Waiting

IN in Progress

IN on Hold

IN on Hold Unique

Logged In

Not Ready

OUT Abandoned

OUT Abandoned %

OUT Active

OUT Agent Disconnected

OUT Answered

OUT Answered %

OUT Avg Talk Time

OUT Dialed

OUT Handled

OUT in Progress

OUT IVR Abandoned

OUT IVR Abandoned %

OUT IVR Dropped

OUT Queue Abandoned

OUT Queue Abandoned %

OUT Queue Dropped

OUT Rejected

OUT Remote Disconnected

OUT Ringing

OUT Ringing Abandoned

OUT Ringing Dropped

OUT Routed

OUT Total Talk Time

OUT Transferred

OUT Unattended

OUT Unattended %


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