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Service Metrics View

Service metrics are located in the Supervision Supervision-Icon-AD-50.png section of Agent Desktop and displayed in the middle of the Context Information Area. This view displays metrics for either all services assigned to the selected team or all services assigned to all teams. You may toggle between specific team views and the All Teams view.

You can have services sorted automatically by the value of any currently displayed metric. To manually sort the metrics, click on the desired metric name; the default sort view is high to low. By default, services are sorted alphabetically.

The bottom row of the service metrics view displays the cumulative values for all currently displayed services. In the Name column, the bottom row shows the total number of currently displayed services. For detailed descriptions of the available service metrics, see section List of Service Metrics. For definitions of all real-time metrics, see List of All Real-Time Metrics in the Reporting Reference Guide.

To learn how to customize service metrics, see Tutorials for Supervisors, section Customizing Metrics.

Service Metrics for One Team

To view the service metrics for one team, select the desired team name from the available list of teams located at the top of the Context Information Area. Doing this will cause that team's service metrics to appear in the middle of the Context Information area. For any team selected, the name of the team appears next to the word "Services."

Service metrics displayed here are for the Customer Service team

Service Metrics for All Teams

Selecting All Teams from the teams list will display the service metrics for all teams for which the supervisor is assigned to appear in the Context Information area. You can tell, at a glance, that the view includes service metrics for all teams by looking at the view's title, which shows "All Teams" next to the word "Services."

Supervisors may view service metrics for all teams they have permission to supervise
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