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Each row of the scenario_steps_counters table counts the number of times a specific block of the scenario specified in the scenario_name field was executed with a specific result during the aggregation interval.

An example of table content for the scenario_steps_counters table is shown.

Example of scenario_steps_counters table

Description of Data

The following table offers the name (i.e., ID), data type (e.g., BIGINT, BINARY, BIT, DATETIME, ENUM, INT, VARCHAR, etc.), and description for each metric (i.e., column) of the scenario_steps_counters table.

Column Name Data Type Description
id BINARY (16) Primary key
agg_run_id BINARY (16) Aggregator run that produced this record
start_time DATETIME Start time of the aggregation interval; time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
end_time DATETIME End time of the aggregation interval; time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
scenario_name VARCHAR Name of the service as defined in configuration
block_type VARCHAR Type of scenario block
block_title VARCHAR Block title as defined in scenario
exit_id VARCHAR Block exit identifier
caller_disconnect BIT TRUE if the interaction was disconnected by the remote party while this block was executed
num_steps BIGINT Number of times the block specified in the block_title field was executed with the given result (either the exit specified in the exit_id field or abandoned by the caller as indicated by the caller_disconnect field)

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