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The instructions that follow will walk you through the process of accessing ServiceNow data directly from Bright Pattern scenarios. Step 1 through Step 3 are essentially the same as Step 1 through Step 2 of section ServiceNow Integration Configuration of this guide.

Step 1: Add ServiceNow as an integration account.

  • Log in as Admin to the Bright Pattern Contact Center Administrator application.
  • Navigate to Call Center Configuration > Integration Accounts.
  • Click Add account.
  • Select ServiceNow.
  • Click OK.

Step 2: Establish credentials for your ServiceNow integration account.

  • Create a Name for this integration account.
  • Copy your ServiceNow developer instance URL, and paste it to the URL field.
  • Provide the developer instance username and password for accessing ServiceNow data via this integration account.
  • Click Apply.

Step 3: Confirm that ServiceNow and Bright Pattern are connected.

Click the Test connection button. You should receive confirmation that the connection between the Bright Pattern platform and ServiceNow data repository is valid.

Step 4: Enable data access from scenarios, and turn on screen-pop functionality.

You can make ServiceNow data accessible from scenarios, as well as enable screen-pop, when working in the Bright Pattern Contact Center Scenario Builder application.

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