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Admin Configuration

The SMS/MMS API needs to be enabled for your contact center before it can be used.


This procedure explains how to 1) grant the privilege to use the API, 2) authenticate, and 3) define the SMS/MMS destination.

Step 1: Grant the Use SMS/MMS API privilege for a role

In the Contact Center Administrator application, section Users & Teams > Roles > Properties, enable the Service and Campaign Administration privilege called Use SMS/MMS API for a particular role (e.g., "Administrator")

Service and Campaign Administration privileges

Step 2: Define a user with the role that has the privilege

Add a user and give him or her the role (e.g., "System Administrator") with the Use SMS/MMS API privilege.

Users > Roles

Step 3: Get the client_secret

Generate an API secret for the user and copy it. The API secret is the client_secret (i.e., the credentials for the user). For example, if your API secret is "ABC" then your client_secret is "ABC."

Users > Properties

Step 4: Use the user credentials to request access token

Request an access token (see the Tenant Management API Specification), being sure to paste the user's API secret you just generated into the client_secret field of your access token request.

Fill in these parameters:

  • client_id - The user role that has the Use SMS/MMS API privilege
  • client_secret - The API secret you generated for the user
  • grant_type - This will always be "client_credentials"
  • scope - The name of your host or tenant (e.g., "")

Example request

The access token response will include the access token and type, which is what you use to access the desired resource (e.g., the SMS/MMS API method Get Message).

Step 5: Define where SMS/MMS messages will go

In the properties for access numbers of type "text-out," specify whether unsolicited SMS/MMS messages will go to the service or the API.

Users > Properties

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