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Outbound Campaigns Overview

As an agent, you may be assigned to participate in outbound campaigns, where many customers are usually called for the same specific reason based on preconfigured calling lists. Depending on your contact center practices, such campaigns may operate in either predictive, progressive or preview mode.

Predictive and Progressive Modes

In Predictive and Progressive modes, the system will automatically dial customers’ numbers from a calling list and monitor the call progress. Calls that are answered by customers will be connected to the agents participating in the campaign. Thus, in these modes, when you are in the Ready state and one of such calls is distributed to you, the ringing tone will sound and the call alert window will pop up on your desktop as if it were an inbound service call. The pop-up window will indicate the campaign name, the customer name, and the phone number.

For more information about the call alert and answering the call, see section How to Answer an Incoming Call. Note that depending on your contact center practices, predictive campaign calls delivered to your desktop may be automatically answered for you.

Preview Mode

In Preview mode, the system will send calling records from the campaign list to agents’ desktops, giving the agents an opportunity to review customer information before making an outbound call. In this mode, calling records are distributed to you when you are in the Ready state. After accepting and reviewing the calling record, you will be able to dial its number(s) manually.

For more information, see section How to Review a Calling Record.

Call Handling

After a campaign call between you and the customer is established, further handling of such a call will be no different from processing of regular service calls. Note however, that in the outbound campaigns, selecting the correct disposition for each call as well as each unsuccessful call attempt is a critical, and usually a mandatory, part of call handling. For more information, see section How to Enter Dispositions and Notes.

During a campaign, at least some of the call attempts are likely to be connected to the called party’s answering machines. Depending on the purpose of the campaign, you may be expected to leave a message in this case. Such a message may be prerecorded and played back to the answering machine, automatically allowing you to disconnect and make yourself available for the next campaign call. For more information, see section How to Use Pre-recorded Messages.


Learn more about handling campaign calls in this guide's Tutorials section.