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How to Save an Email as a Draft

If you have started working on a reply or an outbound email, but you unable to finish it at the moment for any reason, you can save such an unfinished email as a draft in your personal queue. To save an email as a draft, click the Save draft and complete interaction button Save-Draft-Button-50.png.

Note: If you are saving a draft because your working shift is about to end, consider making yourself Not Ready before saving the draft. Otherwise you may get a new interaction right away. This note is only essential if the emails are delivered to you via the Push method.

Save draft and complete interaction button

The email draft will be removed from your Active Communications List and saved in Personal Queue. You will be able to retrieve it and continue its processing at any time. For more information, see section How to Retrieve an Email from Your Personal Queue.

Note: If you have any unfinished emails on your desktop when you log out of the system, all those emails will be saved as drafts in your personal queue automatically. You will have to retrieve them manually in order to finish their processing the next time you log in.

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