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LINE integration requires that you have admin-level access to both Bright Pattern Contact Center and your organization’s registered LINE@ account.

Software Versions

For all types of integration described in this guide, Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.0 or later is required.

You will need system access to your tenant’s Contact Center Administrator application. Contact Center Administrator is where you add the LINE integration account to your Bright Pattern tenant.

Types of LINE Accounts

LINE provides two types of accounts that may be used for chat integration: a LINE@ account and a LINE official account.

Your LINE@ account is used as your organization’s identity. Known as a “Line of Business,” the LINE@ account helps you distribute information about your organization. Messaging events for your LINE@ account are sent securely to your webhook. Webhooks and access tokens are accessed from the LINE Developers page.

A LINE official account is granted to celebrities or organizations who apply for it. More information about the two types of LINE accounts is available on LINE’s website.

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