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The Mobile SDK Instruction Manual describes the Bright Pattern Mobile SDK, which provides companies that write their own mobile applications with the tools required for connecting customers who use mobile devices to Bright Pattern Contact Center. The SDK is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

This manual contains the following:

  • A description of the SDK, which contains pre-built client libraries and sample application code.
  • An overview of the Bright Pattern Mobile/Web Messaging API v2, which the SDK simplifies.
  • Examples of customer app use (Android and iOS).
  • An example of how your app can connect to Bright Pattern scenarios.


The Bright Pattern Mobile SDK is available starting from Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.6. This means that your environment must be running this version of the software in order to use the SDK.


This manual is intended for mobile application developers. Readers of this guide are expected to have expertise in web application development as well as a solid understanding of contact center operations and resources that are involved in such operations.

Example code for iOS apps
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