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• 5.19

Dialing Restrictions Custom Clasacs Reference


Dialing Restrictions Custom Class > Properties tab

Custom classes can fine-tune the dialing restrictions for specific services, campaigns, or teams. The Default Class provides a basic set of rules that apply to all calls, but custom classes can override the default class for specific needs.

Configuring the properties of a Dialing Restrictions Custom Class.

Properties tab

The unique name of the custom class.
Assigned to services and campaigns
Displays services and campaigns assigned to the custom class. Click Edit to add one or more services or campaigns.
Assigned to teams
Displays teams assigned to the custom class. Click Edit to add one or more teams.

Destinations tab

This field accepts any combination of digits. Use an asterisk (*) to represent all digits.
Allowed or Blocked
Set to block or allow calls to a destination. This field is set to Allowed by default.

Bulb-on.50x50.png A custom class can also be assigned and unassigned from the Teams or Services & Campaigns screens.

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