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Bright Pattern Contact Center version 3.16 and later provides the capability to export a large volume of data as a CSV report. This capability is generally used for detailed tables such as agent_activity and call_detail (see our out-of-the-box CSV reports: Agent Activity (CSV) and Call Detail (CSV)). These report templates are in a new format called BPXML, and such files have the file extension .bpxml.

You can create CSV reports for any report template type, not just the out-of-the-box report templates described above.

Unlike report templates in JRXML format, report templates in BPXML format are not customized in Jaspersoft Studio. Designed to be simpler to edit, BPXML report templates are worked in the plain text editor of your choice. Essentially, a BPXML report template is an XML file with special headers and SQL statements that retrieve the specified data and place it in the CSV file.

Agent Activity (CSV) report template

In the sections that follow, you will learn how to download and modify BPXML files to create custom CSV reports.

See the Contact Center Administrator Guide for more information on report templates.

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