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Agent Activity CSV Report

The Agent Activity (CSV) report provides detailed records (i.e., metrics) of activities of selected agents in chronological order.

This report is the same as the Agent Activity report, with the exception that it is exported in .CSV format only. Because this report is available out-of-the-box as a .CSV file, large volumes of data over long periods of time (e.g., per quarter, half a year, etc.) can be exported conveniently into a single file without using JasperSoft Studio.

Metric Descriptions

The metrics of this report are organized into columns, which are described as follows in the order in which they appear in the report.


login_id is the agent's user ID.


first_name is the first name of the agent.


last_name is the last name of the agent.


team_name is the name of the team the agent has been assigned to.


start_time is the time when the activity started. Only the activities that started within the selected reporting interval will be shown.

Time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).


activity is the activity type, which can be one of the following:

  • Ready
  • Not Ready
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Conference


duration is the time spent in this activity. For interaction processing activities, duration includes both in-focus and out-of-focus time, as well as After Call Work (ACW) time.


  • For the Outbound activity, detail displays the extension of the called party if the call was made internally and was answered.
  • For the Inbound activity, detail displays remote party’s the Caller ID for calls, IP address for chats, and email address for emails.
  • For the Not Ready activity, detail displays the reason for being Not Ready if one is specified (otherwise, generic Not Ready).


  • For calls, talk_time is the total time the agent spent talking during this activity, excluding hold times.
  • For emails and chats, talk_time is the total time that the agent had the interaction in focus during this activity.

Note that talk_time is displayed for interaction-handling activities only.


  • For calls, hold_time is the total time the agent had the call on hold during the activity.
  • For emails and chats, hold_time is the total time that the agent had the interaction out of focus during this activity.

Note that hold_time is displayed for interaction-handling activities only.


For an interaction-handling activity, service_name displays the name of the service associated with this interaction.


destination_number is the name of the recipient of an interaction; this can include chat services, email addresses, phone numbers, and phone extensions.


origination_number is the phone number, IP address, or email address an interaction was sent from.


  • For an Inbound activity, external_number displays the originally dialed number or original destination email address.
  • For an Outbound activity, external_number displays the caller ID or the content of the "From" field of the email when it left the system.


For interaction-handling activity, disposition provides information about how the activity ended. Such dispositions are described as follows:

  • Caller Terminated: Inbound call/chat was terminated by the customer
  • Callee Terminated: Outbound call/chat was terminated by the customer
  • Agent Disconnected: Call/chat was terminated by the agent
  • Rejected: Interaction was rejected by the agent
  • No Answer: Interaction was not accepted by the agent
  • Busy: Outbound call did not complete because the destination was busy or did not answer within a timeout
  • Network Failure: Outbound call did not complete because of network congestion
  • System Disconnected: Call/chat was disconnected by the system
  • Abandoned: Outbound call was terminated by the agent before it was answered
  • Transferred: Remote party on the interaction changed due to a transfer (the after-transfer phase is shown as a subsequent activity)
  • Terminated by Transfer: Agent transferred the interaction
  • Conferenced: Call/chat became a conference (the conference phase is shown as a subsequent activity)
  • Replied: Inbound email was replied to by the agent
  • Closed: Inbound email was closed without reply by the agent
  • Service Changed: Email was recategorized by the agent (service associated with the email was changed and the same agent continued processing it; subsequent email processing is shown as a separate activity)
  • Sent: Outbound email was sent by the agent
  • Discarded: Outbound email was discarded without being sent by the agent
  • Saved: Email was saved as a draft in the agent’s personal queue
  • Recording failed: Call terminated by system due to call recording failure


For an interaction-handling activity, agent_disposition_name displays the disposition assigned to the call by this agent.


For an interaction-handling activity, media_type displays the interaction media type.


For an interaction-handling activity, case_number displays the identifier of the case that this interaction is related to. It currently applies to email interactions only.


Indicates whether any co-browsing sessions took place during this interaction. Currently works for co-browsing with Surfly only.

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