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All Question Comments

The All Question Comments report provides all evaluation questions and comments associated with particular evaluations.

How to Use This Report

  1. Set parameters, which narrow the report's data.

  2. Use the report generation controls to schedule, generate, customize, rename, and/or clone the report.

  3. Run the report and view metrics.

Report Parameters

You can narrow the report's data by specifying the following parameters.

All Question Comments report

Time frame

The specified time range for which the data will be generated on the report (i.e., Today, This week, Custom, etc.).


If the Custom timeframe is selected, From/To is the custom date range. From is the evaluation start date and time, and To is the evaluation stop date and time.


Clicking the link shown allows you to designate the timezone settings for the report's timeframe.


Filters report data according to specific evaluation form(s). If no evaluation form is selected, the report will include data for all evaluation forms.

Metric Descriptions

The metrics of the All Question Comments report are organized into columns, which are described as follows.

All Question Comments results


The date that the evaluation question or comment was added (e.g., “01/01/19”).


The time that the evaluation question or comment was added (e.g., “10:15 AM”).


The first name and last name of the user who evaluated the agent (e.g., “Gina Vasquez”).


Text comments written by the evaluator regarding the interaction and the agent being evaluated (e.g., “Did not state updated policy--need to refresh training on 2019 policies.”)

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