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Report Templates

Bright Pattern Contact Center provides a number of reports for evaluating the performance of agents and agent teams as well as assessing the efficiency of contact center services and scenarios. Report templates are provided out of the box, and they may be customized to suit your contact center needs.

In the Contact Center Administrator application, section Configuration > Quality Management > Reporting, you will find both predefined report templates and report templates that have been customized, modified, or uploaded to your contact center. All templates are organized by name and by the type of contact center resources that they describe (e.g., “Agent/Team Reports,” etc.).


Out of the box, the following report templates in the QM category are available:

  • Actual Evals
  • Actual Evals (CSV)
  • All Question Comments
  • Answer Frequency
  • Calibrations
  • Disputed Evaluations
  • Eval Areas
  • Evaluator Performance
  • Question Averages
  • Score Report
These report templates align with QM reports, which are described in later sections of this guide. For more information about stock and custom report definitions, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Report Templates.
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