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Add Salesforce Integration Account in Bright Pattern

Now that your call center and connected app are configured in Salesforce, you can create the integration account that establishes the connection between Salesforce and Bright Pattern Contact Center. New integration accounts are added in the Contact Center Administrator application. For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide section Integration Accounts.

Step 1: Create new integration account

In Contact Center Administrator application, go to Configuration > Call Center Configuration > Integration Accounts and click + to add a new account of type

Select "" as the integration account type

Step 2: Edit properties integration account properties

Basic Properties


By default, "" because you selected this type of integration account to add


The name of the account (any name)

Default account

Select this checkbox if you have multiple Salesforce integration accounts and you want this account to be used by default.


The URL of your registered domain on Salesforce where your users will sign in to your instance. The URL should be in the following format: https://<your-domain-name>

Data Access from Scenarios Properties

Sandbox environment

Select checkbox if your Saleforce environment is a sandbox

Consumer key

The consumer key of the Connected App you previously configured in Salesforce. You can find it in Salesforce Classic in App Setup > Apps > Connected Apps.

Consumer secret

The consumer secret of the Connected App you previously configured in Salesforce. You can find find it in Salesforce Classic in App Setup > Apps > Connected Apps.

Refresh token

Click Request token to allow access to your Salesforce Connected App

Check limits

You can use the Check limits button to see the SFDC limits associated with this account.

Single Sign-on Properties

In this section, you will enable single sign-on (SSO) functionality for Salesforce integration. SSO provides simultaneous login to Bright Pattern Contact Center applications and the embedded Agent Desktop widget on Salesforce. For example, users who log in to the Agent Desktop widget on Salesforce will find themselves also logged in to Bright Pattern applications (e.g., Agent Desktop, Contact Center Administrator, etc.).

Identity provider certificate

Paste the Salesforce Identity Provider Certificate that you downloaded in the previous section, Enabling Single Sign-On, Step 3.

In Salesforce, you can find the certificate in Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Certificate and Key Management.

Note: If you do not plan on configuring SSO, leave the certificate empty.

Identity provider initiated login URL

The identity provider issuer name in the following form: https://<your-domain>

In Salesforce, you can find this in Setup > Administer > Security Controls > Identity Provider.

Note: Even if you do not configure SSO, you still need to set something in this required field. If you do not plan on configuring SSO, enter any character or string (e.g., "https://" or "/") to invalidate the URL.

Step 3: Save

Click Apply to save your changes. Salesforce integration account configuration is now be complete.

Next, you can view our tutorials to learn how to set up scenarios to use Salesforce data.

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