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Pausing and Resuming Recordings

SFDC integration provides an integrated Agent Desktop within your Salesforce environment. As such, the same agent and supervisor functionality found in the Agent Desktop application are available to users signed in to their integration accounts. For more information on the various functions, controls, and capabilities of Agent Desktop, see the Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Guide and Supervisor Guide.

As part of Agent Desktop functionality, logged in supervisors may record the calls of agents on their teams. In addition, logged in supervisors with the privilege Monitor agent screen have the option to view screens of selected members of their team and monitor their desktop actions in real time. Furthermore, supervisors with the privilege Watch agent screen recordings may record the screen of a logged in agent who is currently in the Busy state (i.e., an agent who is handling an interaction). Supervisors may start, stop, or pause a screen recording at any time (see section Screen Monitoring Controls below).

Call Recording

How to Start Recording

Click the Start Recording Supervisor-guide-image24.png button. The button will change its function to Stop recording.

How to Pause Recording

Click the Pause Recording Pause-Screen-Recording.png button. The button will change its function to Pause recording.

How to Stop Recording

Click the Stop recording Supervisor-guide-image25.png button. Otherwise, the call recording will stop automatically when the call is released.

Screen Monitoring

How to Begin Screen Monitoring

  1. Select the desired agent from the Agent Metrics View in the Agent Desktop widget. The Contact Info Panel will display the monitoring functions.

  2. Click the See Screen button Supervisor-guide-image33.png. A new window will open, showing you the desktop of the selected agent.

Note that you can only continuously monitor a screen of one agent at a time. Thus, if you activate this function for another agent, monitoring of the originally selected agent will stop.

How to Pause Monitoring the Agent’s Screen

Occasionally you may wish to omit certain parts of an agent's activity from a screen recording, without stopping the recording entirely. Such a need may arise when agents are receiving sensitive data from customers, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so forth.

To pause monitoring and screen recording, click the Pause recording button Pause-Screen-Recording.png. Clicking the Pause recording button again will resume the recording.

The capability to pause a recording is enabled by the call center .XML definition file that was uploaded during Salesforce integration configuration. For more information, see section Installing a Managed Package.

Screen recording controls are given at the top of the monitoring window

How to Stop Monitoring the Agent’s Screen

Simply close the browser window.

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