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API Instantiation and Initialization

First, the client should create an Api object and attach event handlers:

: m_api = new DesktopControlAPI.ApiLite();

: m_api.eventDispatcher.evtApiUp += this.onApiUp;

: m_api.eventDispatcher.evtApiDown += this.onApiDown;

: m_api.eventDispatcher.evtCallOffered += this.onCallOffered;

: m_api.eventDispatcher.evtCallDialing += this.onCallDialing;

: m_api.eventDispatcher.evtCallDisconnected += this.onCallDisconnected;

Note that by default API logging is enabled:

: ApiLite(bool _enableLog = true);

To disable logging, set enableLog to false.

: m_api = new DesktopCOntrolAPI.ApiLite(false);

Once API is created and event handlers are attached, the client may initialize the API instance:

: m_api.InitAPI();

Once API is connected to the softphone and the evtApiUp event is received, the client may dial calls:

: m_api.CallDial(“4154556565”);

When application terminates the following method should be called to ensure clean termination of the TCP connection between API and the Agent Desktop:

: m_api.ShutdownAPI();

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