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• 5.2

Export Access Numbers

Exports users' access number data, including the number, media type (voice), extension, name of the scenario used, and display name.




For example:

HTTP Method



Empty. All you need is the URL with host.



Access number data (content-type: application/JSON)


In response to a successful request, some or all of the following parameters will be shown.

Parameters Data Type Description Example
displayName string If using a hardphone, the configured Caller ID "Best Business"
extension integer The phone extension(s) of the user "8002"
firstName string The user's first name "Sheila"
lastName string The user's last name "Thomas"
loginId string The user's login "sheila.thomas"
media string The media type of the interaction (e.g., text, voice) "voice_text"
number string The phone number of the user "4151234567"
scenario string The name of the scenario the interaction was processed in "Queue to agent"
textOutService string The name of the service that receives unsolicited inbound messages "Maintenance renewal SMS"
type string If using a device, the type of device used "softphone"

Example Response

 "scenario":"Queue to agent",
 "textOutService":"Maintenance renewal SMS"
 "scenario":"My Conversational IVR",
 "textOutService":"Pacific Chat"
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