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• 5.2

Export User Phone Numbers

Exports users' phone number data, including phone extension, login ID, first name, last name, whether voicemail is activated, and whether a voicemail greeting is present.




For example:

HTTP Method



Empty. All you need is the URL with host.



User phone data (content-type: application/JSON).


In response to a successful request, some or all of the following parameters will be shown.

Parameters Data Type Description Example
extension string The phone extension of the user "1009"
login_id string The user's login "diana.yeh"
external string Access number associated with the given extension (i.e., an external number assigned to this user for direct inward dialing (DID)) "4151234567"
firstName string The user's first name "Diana"
lastName string The user's last name "Yeh"
voiceMail Boolean Indicates whether this user has the voicemail function enabled "true"
greeting Boolean Indicates whether this user has a voicemail greeting set up "false"

Example Response


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