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• 5.2

Get User Data

Returns user data, such as name, team, extension, skills, and so forth.




For example:

HTTP Method





Parameter Data-Type Description Example
loginId string The username of the user that you want to get data for "frank.zappa"

Request Body

Empty. All you need is the username in the URL and the content-type header.


In response to a successful request, the user data is displayed in JSON. You can verify user data by checking the same user information in Contact Center Administrator > Users & Teams > Users.

For failed requests, no user data is shown.

Example Response

 "team":"Customer Service",

Response Parameters

Parameter Data-Type Description Example
disabled Boolean Whether the user is disabled ("true") or not ("false") false
changePassword Boolean Whether the user must change password ("true") on next login or not ("false") false
skills array The user's skills {["English", "Spanish"]}
loginId string The username of the user "frank.zappa"
firstName string The first name of the user "Frank"
lastName string The last name of the user "Zappa"
team string The name of the team assigned to the user "Customer Service"
extension number The phone extension number of the user "1048"
email string The email address of the user ""
roles array The role assigned to the user ["Agent", "Supervisor"]

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