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Task Log

To view the task log, select the Task Log option from the Tasks menu. The results of scheduled task execution appear in the log in the chronological order. Note that you can reverse the order by clicking on the Start Time column title, or you can use a different field for sorting.

The fields for the Task Log are shown in columns, and they can be sorted according to state. Task Log fields have the following meanings.

Start time

Start time refers to the date and time when execution of the given task started.

End time

End time refers to the date and time when execution of the given task ended.

Object Name

Object Name is the name of the object (i.e., the service, list, or report) for which this task was executed.

Task Name

Task Name is the unique name given to this task. Previously, this column was called "Resource Name."


For successful tasks, the Duration column shows the execution time in mm:ss format.

Size (KB)

The Size column shows the task's transfer size in KB. For lists, this is size of the list file sent/received, whereas for reports, it is size of the report. For email, this is the size of the email.


Result is the task execution result, which can be either completed or failed.


The Error column shows the error message if the task has failed.


Type refers to the type of task. See section Scheduled and In Progress Tasks for more information about the task types.


Step refers to the task step that was executed at the time specified in Start Time. This parameter may be helpful for the tasks of the Campaign trigger type, since it shows whether the campaign was started or stopped at the specified time.

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