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Customizing Interactions Using Scenarios

You can determine how Bright Pattern Contact Center handles chat interactions and customer data directly from Bright Pattern scenarios.

For every customer interaction that enters your contact center, Bright Pattern Contact Center has to process that specific interaction to determine what to do with it (e.g., what prompts or announcements to apply, what resources to queue for, what music to play, or when to overflow to alternate resources). The logic of such automated interaction processing is defined in scenarios. Execution of a scenario with respect to a specific interaction is triggered by a particular event, such as the initiation of a chat session from a specific web page or app.

Scenarios are designed and edited in the application called Scenario Builder. This application is launched from the Contact Center Administrator application when you add a new scenario or select an existing one for editing. For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Scenarios Overview.

Note that your contact center (i.e., tenant) can have multiple LINE integration accounts if it has multiple scenario entries. Each scenario entry can have only one LINE@ account (one maximum for each messenger type), and each service can have one LINE@ account as an outbound chat account. The same LINE@ account can be assigned to one scenario entry/service only.

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