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About Omni QM

Bright Pattern Contact Center Omni QM is a suite of advanced quality management tools designed to facilitate the process of assessing and improving the quality of agent communications across media channels.

Omni QM builds upon Bright Pattern’s existing quality management functionality by introducing advanced quality management features, such as the ability to design evaluation forms, determine an evaluation process, have agents conduct self-evaluations, assign agent score, conduct calibrations for the purpose of improving the evaluation process, and much more.

In addition, Omni QM unifies quality management processes by placing all quality management features into a single application. When Omni QM is enabled, all interaction records, interaction search functions, evaluation forms, and other quality management tools are accessed via an evaluation console built into the Agent Desktop application. This means that supervisors no longer have to visit the Contact Center Administrator application to access interaction records and grade them; instead, supervisors can monitor, search, review, and evaluate their team’s interactions without ever leaving Agent Desktop. Moreover, agents can easily view their own interactions, evaluations, and quality score from Agent Desktop. Omni QM gives users a bird’s eye view of interaction quality across all channels and services.

Omni QM is a feature option that is built in to Bright Pattern Contact Center, enabled as part of your organization’s contract.

What Is Quality and Quality Management?

In the contact center space, where customer satisfaction determines the success of customer service, we can define quality as consistency in customer service delivery, communications, knowledge of product/service, employee performance, technology, and resources.

Customers expect to receive the same level of care from any agent they interact with and on any channel in which they reached your business. We can meet this expectation for consistency by using quality management processes and tools.

Quality management helps contact centers to meet customer requirements, make all efforts to exceed customer expectations, facilitate agent development, ensure consistency of quality of provided services, and provide a path to achieve it all.

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