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Installing ADFS on Windows Server 2012

This section of the SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Integration Guide explains how to install Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) on Windows Server 2012. The following procedure outlines how to create a test ADFS instance, save your certificate, and set up the ADFS Console. These steps need to be followed before you can configure Bright Pattern to use ADFS single sign-on.

Step 1: Create a test ADFS instance

  1. Read the detailed guide to configure ADFS.

  2. Use Steps 3 to 5.

  3. Use Steps 8 to 12.

Step 2: Save the certificate

  1. Download file FederationMetadata.xml.

  2. Open the file and find next tag <x509Certificate> in the <EntityDescriptor> section.

  3. Copy it to file.

  4. At the beginning of the file, insert “ -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----”

  5. At the end of the file, insert “-----END CERTIFICATE-----”

See section ADFS Console Setup for next steps.

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