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How to Add a Bot/Chat Suggestions Engine Integration Account

Bot/chat suggestions engine integration accounts allow you to use third-party bots to automate chat conversations, provide self-service options, intelligently route customers to agents, and provide meaningful suggestions to an agent during active chat sessions.

Bright Pattern Contact Center supports the following types of bot integration: AWS Lex and Watson Assistant.

Adding a New Account

  1. In the Contact Center Administrator application, go to Configuration > Call Center Configuration > Integrations Accounts.

  2. Click the Add account (+) button to add a new integration account.

    Add new integration account

  3. Select account type Bot / Chat suggestions engine and click OK.

    Select "Bot / Chat suggestions engine"

  4. In the Bot / Chat suggestions engine type dialog, select your desired type of bot instance.

    Make a selection

  5. Click OK. The properties for that engine will open next.

Next Steps

Now that you have a bot/chat suggestions engine integration account, you can edit its properties.

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