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G Suite SSO Configuration

There are only two main parts to setting up SSO for G Suite:

  • Configure SSO for G Suite
  • Add SSO integration to Bright Pattern

The following steps will guide you through the first part.

Step 1: Generate a G Suite account certificate

  1. If you haven't already, create a G Suite account.

  2. Go to the Security section of the Google Admin portal.

  3. In the Set up Single sign-on (SSO) section, download the certificate that was already generated, or generate and download a new one.

Step 2: Set up custom app

  1. Go to the Apps > SAML Apps option in Google Admin.

  2. Press the + button, and then click on Setup my own custom app.

  3. After the 'Idp information appears, press the Next button.

Step 3: Set application name and description

  1. Set ACS Url to https://<bp hostname>/agentdesktop/sso/redirect, replacing <bp hostname> with your Bright Pattern tenant name.

  2. Set Entity ID (e.g., "bp_test").

  3. Set start url to https://<bp hostname>/agentdesktop/, replacing <bp hostname> with your Bright Pattern tenant name.

  4. Check the Signed response checkbox.

  5. Click next several times without editing anything until the finish button appears.

Step 4: Edit service

  1. Click on edit service.

  2. Select the ON for everyone radio button.

  3. Save changes.

Step 5: Get the link to your new app

  1. Go to the app grid (located near the user icon of your Google account).

  2. Right-click on the newly created app and copy link.
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