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Salesforce Lightning Scenario and Workflow Variables

The Salesforce Lightning widget will set the following variables in scenario and workflow immediately after call completion.


See $(screenpopData.XXX) in the Scenario Builder Reference Guide


$(sf:description) is the notes field from your Salesforce call center.


$(sf:direction) is the call’s direction as received in your Salesforce call center (e.g., inbound, outbound).


$(sf:duration) is the duration, in seconds, of the call and/or chat that the agent received in the Salesforce call center.


$(sf:objectId) is the ID of the Salesforce record to which the interaction activity was posted.


$(sf:objectType) is the Salesforce object type (e.g., Account, Activity, Case, etc.).


$(sf:recordingUrl) is the URL with the call recording or SMS chat transcript; this URL points to the Contact Center Administrator application, section Interaction Records. Note: It is possible for agents with the privilege Listen to call recordings and view chat transcripts on assigned services to click the URLs stored in your Salesforce call center’s call recording field and view the interaction details.


$(sf:serviceName) is the name of the service the interaction happened on in the Salesforce call center.

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