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List of Skill Metrics

This section provides detailed descriptions of the real-time metrics that apply to individual skills associated with a selected service and that can be displayed via the Skill Metrics View. Metrics are arranged in alphabetical order.

Note the following general considerations regarding skill metrics:

  • Unless noted otherwise, the terms interactions in the metric descriptions shall be interpreted as interactions that requested (1) the service for which the skill metric view is displayed AND (2) the given skill within this service.
  • The term agents in the metric definitions shall be interpreted as agents who have (1) the service skill for which the skill metric view is displayed AND (2) the given skill. Note that since one service may be associated with more than one team, the agent-related skill metrics (Logged In and Ready) may include agents that you are not assigned to supervise

Skill Metrics

For definitions of these metrics, as well as a complete list of real-time metrics, see List of All Real-Time Metrics in the Reporting Reference Guide.

IN Active

IN Max Wait

IN Waiting

Logged In

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