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Quota Metrics View

If you are running a quota campaign, you can view real-time metrics specific to the configured quotas.

If quotas are configured for a campaign selected in the general campaign metrics view, the individual campaign view will have the clickable word Quota displayed next to the campaign name.

To open the quota metrics view:

Simply click the Quota link. (See the highlighted link in the image shown.)

Link to the quota metrics view

The quota metrics view will provide a separate set of metrics for each quota group configured for this campaign. For detailed descriptions of these metrics, see section List of Quota Metrics.

The bottom row of the quota metrics view displays the cumulative values for all quota groups.

Quota metrics view

Unlike the other real-time metric views, the quota metrics view needs to be updated manually to get the current values of all metrics.

To update the view with current metric values:

Click the Refresh button.

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