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Real-Time Metric Alerts

You can set thresholds for some of the service, campaign, and agent metrics and be visually alerted whenever the current values of the corresponding metrics reach those thresholds.

Alert configuration option

Visual alerts are provided in two forms: a pop-up window and a color change in the metrics view. You can configure a different alert color for each metric and choose whether the text or the background of the corresponding cell will be highlighted with this color. Whenever a configured threshold is reached for a specific metric:

  • A pop-up window will be displayed with the metric name and its actual current value.
  • The actual real-time value of this metric will be highlighted with a selected color in the metrics view. When the actual value drops below the threshold, the alert will be cleared, i.e., the metric value will again be displayed with the regular color.

For more information, see Tutorials for Supervisors, section Customizing Real-Time Metric Alerts.

Alerts can appear as pop-up windows
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