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The Agenda widget displays upcoming agenda items from an agent's Calendar. If there is no agenda, the widget display will be empty.

The widget shows a schedule for today based on the current time (all items currently in progress and scheduled later than the current time). Items in progress or items that are due in less than 10 minutes are shown with a red bar on the left side. Items that are due in less than two hours are shown with a brown bar on the left side. Other items are shown with a blue bar on the left side.

Agenda user widget displaying an agent's schedule


Users with the privilege Customize Wallboards may edit the control settings of wallboard widgets. Agenda settings are as follows.

Agent setting with Logged in User selected


The Agent setting allows you to select any member of your team(s) or Logged in User (i.e., yourself) for display; the default is Logged in User.

Agent setting with user selected
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