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Ways to Access Contacts

On the Agent Desktop, there are many ways to display a contact's details.

You can access contacts by

  • Searching and opening a list of contact results (see Contact Search, where the search combs all text and address/phone fields)
    Contact Search results
  • Clicking on a photo on a contact pop-up
    Clicking on a photo on a contact pop-up
  • Viewing a case
    Mousing over a contact's name from a case
  • Clicking or mousing over the email address bar. Mousing over an email shows an email message icon to the right of it; clicking the icon creates a new email case with a new draft.
    Mousing or clicking a contact's name in the email address bar
  • Browsing the directory and recent conversations list and mousing over a person's name or a conversation. Mousing over a phone number shows the SMS message and phone icons; clicking on either creates a new call or SMS chat. If there is a conversation with this contact already, the chat or call is merged into that conversation.
    Mousing over a contact's name in the directory
  • Clicking on a photo on the top bar during a conversation
    Mousing over a contact's name during a call
  • Clicking on a photo in the calendar when an event has a linked contact
    Mousing over a contact's name linked to a calendar event
  • Entering a contact link in the Search input field
    Using the Search input field
  • Clicking or mousing over on a contact link in an internal chat
    Clicking or mousing over a contact during chat
  • Clicking on details presented to you in screen pop

Presentation of Contact Details

A contact's details are displayed as either a form or a list.

  • A Summary form presents the summary of a contact, name, photo, and essential addresses.
    Contact details
  • A Detail form includes the same information as the Summary form, plus other detailed information, such as description, birthday, and so forth.
    Contact details
  • The list of pending items shows cases and calendar events.
  • The list of associated completed activities shows all finished activities/interactions that are associated with the contact.
  • The list of associated cases shows all cases/emails associated with the contact.
    List of cases

The contents of forms can be edited by clicking the Edit button.

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