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The Activities tab stores the selected contact's records for all types of conversations (i.e., voice calls, emails, chats, SMS/text messages, messenger interactions, Remote Assist, etc.) that have been handled by your contact center.

Activities are searchable, enabling access to information quickly, even while handling an active interaction. Built-in contacts show records of all interactions and cases for the selected contact.

The Activities tab is accessed from section Search & Preview Records > Contacts tab

Activiteis history shows chat transcripts and a video sent over chat.

Using Activities

The Activities tab displays all activity history for a person. This includes voice calls, call transcripts, speech-to-text transcripts, chat interactions, chat transcripts, email messages, messenger interactions, messenger transcripts, SMS/text messages, notes from agents, Remote Assist interactions, and so forth.

Videos sent during chats are represented by thumbnails in activity history and can be played using standard video playback controls.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the records of all activities and interactions involving this contact in order by date, with the newest at the top of the list.

When you select a specific activity, the right side of the screen will display additional information. Depending on the interaction type and your privileges, you may also be able to review the associated interaction content, such as call recording or chat transcript, or the finer details of a Remote Assist session such as IP information to allow for network analysis.

Depending on your service configuration, this information may also include the content of the form filled out during this activity.

For manual outbound calls, including preview campaign calls and records of all call attempts, including unsuccessful ones, are displayed in the Activities tab. If a call attempt is unsuccessful, the reason for the termination will be displayed.

When a case or a contact is associated with a Remote Assist session, a separate activity history record is added, including the time initiated, how long the session lasted, and the agent's username. If a session connects/disconnects multiple times, the activity history will include multiple records. Note that if a customer doesn't join a Remote Assist session, an activity history won't be written.

Activity history for records such as Remote Assist can include duration, the date and time a conversation was initiated, the name of the client and agent, the OS version, and IP information.

Info.40x40.png Activity History will not normally be written regarding a Remote Assist interaction created through a CRM such as Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. It can, however, be created by an admin via a workflow.

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