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Auxiliary Metrics

There are up to three auxiliary metrics that can be shown with a given Dashboard metric, for example Bad record: 25/24(26) (1st).

It is possible to display any combination of the following metrics. Your system administrator may provide an additional explanation regarding the format of each displayed metric.

Team ranking

This value will indicate your personal performance and is displayed as an ordinal number, e.g., Bad record: 25 (1st).

Show next value

This value is the performance of the agent closest to you in current ranking and is displayed as a fraction, e.g., Bad record: 25/24.

Show total dispositioned calls

This value is your personal ranking within the team based on a comparison of the current value of the given metric for all members of the team; it is displayed as a number in parenthesis, e.g., Bad record: 25(26).

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