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The evaluation_result_details table contains scores and detailed data associated with filled-out evaluation forms; it is the primary source for the Actual Evals report.

Every row of the table represents an item in an evaluation form. An item is identified by a triple (i.e., AREA_NAME, QUESTION_NAME, and OPTION_NAME):

For instance, if a form contains area A1, which contains question Q1, and the answer for Q1 is O1, then:

  • Row "A1", "Q1", "O1" contains the score for the answer O1
  • Row "A1", "Q1", "null" contains the score for the question Q1
  • Row "A1", "null", "null" contains the score for the area A1

Note that some of the metrics given are specific to Bright Pattern Omni QM and they are accessible only if your service provider has enabled Omni QM for your contact center.

Description of Data

The following table offers the name (i.e., ID), data type (e.g., BIGINT, BINARY, BIT, DATETIME, ENUM, INT, VARCHAR, etc.), and description for each metric (i.e., column) of the evaluation_result_details table.

Column Name Data Type Character Maximum Length Description Example
AREA_NAME VARCHAR 1023 Name of the evaluation area on the evaluation form "Upsell/Cross-sell"
COMMENT LONGTEXT 4,294,967,295 Text comment written by the quality evaluator on the evaluation form "Don't forget to repeat all information"
ID VARCHAR 64 Primary key "12FB3B1F4CD04e0F988269B283068AB1"
OPTION_NAME VARCHAR 255 Name of the answer option on the evaluation form "Yes"
ORDER_IN_FORM INT - The numeric order of the question/answer as it appears on the evaluation form "14"
QUESTION_NAME VARCHAR 1023 The name of the question on the evaluation form "The information given to the customer was correct"
RESULT_ID BINARY 16 The evaluation result identifier "5311E2893DDA4745985F6BB72C7F8946"
SCORE INT - The numeric score (out of 100) given for the following items: an evaluation area, a question, or an option (i.e., answer) "100"
SCORE_PERCENT INT - The percent of the given evaluation item's score, where the item is either an evaluation area, a question, or an option (i.e., answer) "22.5"
WEIGHT INT - The weight added to either an evaluation form's area or a question or an option in an evaluation form's area. 3
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