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The Bright Pattern Contact Center Reporting Database Specification describes the historical data that is collected and stored in the Reporting Database, also known as DB2. This database contains detailed records about interactions and agent activities as well as many pre-aggregated statistical values.

Note: The Reporting Database tables that are not documented in this guide are for internal use only.

The data collected in the Reporting Database is used for generating the out-of-the-box Bright Pattern Contact Center reports. The reports have been developed using TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio, an Eclipse-based report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server. For information about these reports, see the Bright Pattern Contact Center Reporting Reference Guide.

In addition, Reporting Database can be accessed directly by 3rd party BI tool to generate custom views and reports. For information about this type of access please contact your vendor (this level of access involves opening ports to the slave copy of the tenant's database).

Creating Custom Reports with TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio

You can use any SQL-based reporting application to create your custom reports. However, using Jaspersoft Studio for custom report creation offers the following advantages:

  • You can generate and view such custom reports directly in the Contact Center Administrator application in the same way that you generate and view the out-of-the-box reports. For more information, see section Report Templates of the Bright Pattern Contact Center Contact Center Administrator Guide.
  • You can reuse the available out-of-the-box report templates to create new reports and make modifications only where necessary. The Bright Pattern Contact Center Custom Reporting Tutorial explains how to configure Jaspersoft Studio for creating custom Bright Pattern Contact Center reports and how to reuse the out-of-the-box report templates.

Note: Jaspersoft has two different tools for report development: iReport Designer and Jaspersoft Studio. Only Jaspersoft Studio is supported as the tool for the creation of custom report templates for your Bright Pattern Contact Center solution.

Creating Custom CSV Exports Using BPXML Templates

To export a large amount of data from the Reporting Database in CSV format, .bpxml report templates can be used. For more information, see the Custom Reporting Tutorial, section Customizing BPXML Report Templates.

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