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Each row in the interaction_quality_monitoring table represents an instance of review of an interaction segment referred to in the interaction_step_id field that was completed in the given aggregation interval.

Description of Data

The following table offers the name (i.e., ID), data type (e.g., BIGINT, BINARY, BIT, DATETIME, ENUM, INT, VARCHAR, etc.), and description for each metric (i.e., column) of the interaction_quality_monitoring table.

Column Name Data Type Description
id BINARY (16) Primary key
interaction_step_id BINARY (16) Reference to identifier of the reviewed interaction segment in the call_details table; depending on the type of call (inbound or outbound), it could be either the callee_interaction_step_id or callee_interaction_step_id field
review_time DATETIME Start time of the review activity; time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
review_agent_login_id VARCHAR Reviewer’s login as defined in configuration
review_agent_first_name VARCHAR Reviewer’s first name as defined in configuration
review_agent_last_name VARCHAR Reviewer’s last name as defined in configuration
review_notes TEXT Reviewer’s notes for the reviewed interaction segment
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