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All Scenario Templates

There are many ways to build a scenario, but sometimes it is easier to start with a template and modify it later. The following custom templates, which include instructional comments and explanations, are provided for you to download and import into your contact center.

Templates are provided as .zip files. Click to download.


Have a chatbot respond to customer two times before transferring to agent


Pop a saved contact's existing cases to the agent

File:App Screen Pop Customer

Sending Automatic Email Replies to Customers Who Use the "Leave a Message" Chat Form

File:App After-Hours Send an Email Reply to a Chat

Configure a chat scenario to use a Microsoft Azure Web App bot

File:App Azure Web App Bot

Pizza Flowchart Chat Scenario

File:App Pizza Parameters


Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers

File:App How to Block Incoming Calls from Specific

Create a voice scenario survey

File:App Voice Scenario

Distribute surveys to a percentage of random customers

File:App How to Distribute Surveys to a Percentage of Random

Identify customer using Microsoft Dynamics 365 data

File:App MS Dynamics Search and

Redirect Calls Economically with a Single-Step External Transfer Option

File:App Menu with a Single-Step External Transfer

Route caller to the last agent with the option to leave a voicemail

File:App FindLastAgentVM (2).zip

Skill-Based Call Routing with an Auto Attendant Choice

File:App Skill-Based Call Routing + Auto

Use conversational IVR in a voice scenario

File:App Conversational IVR

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