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Agent Desktop Helper Application Audio-Handling Options

If your contact center requires the use of the Agent Desktop Helper Application, note that you have the capability to control the audio-handling options via the librtc.ini file.

After installing and first launching the Agent Desktop Helper Application, this file is automatically created when making the first phone call from the Agent Desktop application; the file is accessible from the following locations:

  • For Linux: /home/<<username>>/.librtc
  • For macOS: /Users/<<username>>/.librtc
  • For Windows: /Users/<<username>>

The following table contains the configurable options from this file.

Option Name Default Value Description
automatic_gain_control 0 If set to 1, this option helps the microphone maintain a suitable signal amplitude. Turning this on might amplify echo, so if echo cancellation is not sufficient, keep this off.
echo_control 1 If set to 1, this option removes echo (i.e., sounds from speakers that are reflected back into the microphone). Note that turning this setting off does not necessarily introduce echo, as most USB headsets have echo-cancelling hardware. Additionally, turning this setting off might be beneficial for voice quality.
highpass_filter 0 If set to 1, this option removes low-frequency noises (e.g., the rumble of an air conditioner, wind noise, etc.).
noise_suppression 0 If set to 1, this option removes background noises.
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