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Services & Campaigns Overview

A service is a logical concept that reflects a specific reason for customers to contact your business, or, in case of outbound campaigns, a specific reason for your business to contact customers. Services play the key role in design of interaction processing logic, evaluation of contact center efficiency, and workforce management.

Note that when you define a new service, a default skill representing this service is created automatically by the system. When you associate the service with an agent team, this default skill can be automatically assigned to all current and future members of the team.

To set up services or campaigns, select the Services & Campaigns option from the root menu.


The following is a list of all tabs found in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Services & Campaigns. Note that some tabs are service-specific.

Services & Campaigns

Types of Services

To create a service, click the Add service Add-Service-Button-50.PNG button. The following is a list of the service options and brief descriptions of what they do.

Inbound Voice

Inbound Voice services are used for inbound voice services.

Outbound Voice

Outbound Voice services are used for pure outbound campaigns.

Blended Voice

Blended Voice is for when you expect to receive inbound calls that are logically part of your outbound campaign (i.e., when customers who missed your campaign call attempts call back using one of the campaign Caller IDs) and want those inbound calls to be handled by the same agents and in the same way.


Chat is for chat services.


Marketing services utilize email and voice campaigns for managing and gaining business leads.


Email is for email services.

Select the type of service you would like to create
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