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Create a New .CSV List

The following tutorial describes how to create a new .CSV calling list with spreadsheet software.

The spreadsheet will contain the information you wish to pass to the agents at the end of this tutorial. It does require specific fields, but additional fields can be added (or not) to fit your needs. There are two ways to upload a .CSV list to the system - defining a completely new list or by populating an already existing list.


  1. Create a .CSV list in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or your spreadsheet software of choice.

  2. Use the first row for labeling the required fields.
    • Note: When naming fields DO NOT INCLUDE SPACES. (e.g., “FirstName” is an appropriate label but “First Name” is not.)

  3. The required fields include:
    • ID - This must be a non-repeating identifier.
    • FirstName - The customer’s first name that will pass in from the web form.
    • LastName - The customer’s last name that will pass in from the web form.
    • Email - The email address that will pass in from the web form.
    • PhoneNumber - An eleven-digit phone number that will pass in from the form. Note: Eleven digits are required.

      Screenshot of a simple .CSV spreadsheet. The .CSV can be as simple as this example is, or as complicated as you need.

  4. Save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file. It must be comma-separated.

  5. This is the Lists feature. Clicking the “ + “ button in this system always adds.
Screenshot of the List Preview page with + to add a new list emphasized at the bottom
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