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How to Create a Chat Scenario That Pops Case or Contact Information

Bright Pattern Contact Center's Agent Desktop application contains robust case and contact management features, allowing your agents to save, search for, and preview just about any information related to interactions; this information lives in internal databases.

But wouldn't it be convenient if, for example, a returning customer's case or contact information could be made instantly available to your agent the next time the customer reaches out to your contact center, all without your agent having to search for it? With the right scenario configuration, it is!

This scenario example shows how, with only a few blocks, it is possible to pop existing case or contact information to your agents. Not only will this help your agents save precious time, it keeps your returning customers happy, too.

Scenario Example

Click the following link to download an annotated version of this voice scenario example.
File:App Screen Pop Customer

For instructions on how to import this file into your contact center, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Scenarios Overview > How to Export and Import Scenarios.

For general information about scenarios, refer to section Scenario Builder Overview.

Scenario Flow

The following chat scenario shows how a saved contact's email address is used to pop related case information to an agent; this is accomplished by using the Bright Pattern Search Object block and the Web Screen Pop block.

Note that most of the configuration steps in this example can be applied for use in a voice scenario, albeit with the appropriate voice-related blocks and variables; in both chat and voice scenarios, the URLs required in the Web Screen Pop block are the same.

Finally, please note this is an example scenario only and not intended for production use. All conditional exits should be defined with actions for production use.

Scenario Overview

Access URLs

The following is a list of URLs that can be used in the Web Screen Pop block to pop specific case and contact information.


The following URL can be used in the Web Screen Pop block to pop case information.

Case Number

<your_contact_center>/agentdesktop/case/number/<case number>/<optional tab within case>

URL Explained


The following URL can be used in the Web Screen Pop block to pop contact information.

Contact Tabs


URL Explained

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