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How to Configure Your Teams Direct Routing Number as a Softphone Device

Bright Pattern Contact Center integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow you to access Teams communication channels information for calls, internal chats, and group chats while working in the Agent Desktop application. Signing in to Teams allows Teams integration to act in Teams on your behalf.

If allowed by your contact center administrators, it is possible to configure your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing number as a softphone device in Agent Desktop. When you configure this option, note that the phone number must be entered exactly as it is displayed in Microsoft Teams. The phone number may contain digits, the + symbol, and the , symbol only.

Note: If this option is enabled, Microsoft Teams user presence is not synchronized with Agent Desktop; the Agent Desktop directory will display Agent Desktop user presence.

This article will walk you through the phone device configuration.


To configure your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing number as a softphone device within the Agent Desktop application, follow these steps:

  1. In Agent Desktop, go to Settings > Phone Device.

  2. Select the Microsoft Teams, Direct Routing number option.

  3. In the number field, enter the Direct Routing number exactly as it appears in the Microsoft Teams application (e.g., 16505555555).

  4. Click OK to save the phone device option.

  5. From here, you will be able to make and receive calls in the Agent Desktop application as normal.

Enter the number exactly as it appears in Teams

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