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Countries, Calling Codes, and Time Zones

The table below contains the list of countries for which adjustment of calling hours to the local time zone of the destination number is currently supported. For each country, the table specifies its calling code and the time zone which will be used for adjustment. You can get more detailed information about each time zone, including the current UTC and UTC DST offsets, from Wikipedia.

Note that for all countries on this list, except the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, and Australia, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the country calling code and the time zone that will be used to adjust the calling hours. If a country has territory in multiple time zones (e.g., Portugal), the most populous time zone is selected for conversion.

If a number in the calling list begins with a calling code other than one of the codes specified in this table, it will only be dialed if the campaign calling hours for the corresponding phone type are set to 24/7 and the Comply with State calling hours checkbox is not selected. For more information, see section Calling Hours.

Note: Toll-free area codes of the North American Dialing Plan (800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888) are associated with the America/New_York time zone.

Country Country Abbreviation Calling Code Time Zone
Albania AL 355 Europe/Tirane
Andorra AD 376 Europe/Andorra
Argentina AR 54 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
Armenia AM 374 Asia/Yerevan
Australia AU 61 * depends on area code
Austria AT 43 Europe/Vienna
Azerbaijan AZ 994 Asia/Baku
Bangladesh BD 880 Asia/Dhaka
Belarus BY 375 Europe/Minsk
Belgium BE 32 Europe/Brussels
Belize BZ 501 America/Belize
Bolivia BO 591 America/La_Paz
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 387 Europe/Sarajevo
Brazil BR 55 * depends on area code
Brunei BN 673 Asia/Brunei
Bulgaria BG 359 Europe/Sofia
Cambodia KH 855 Asia/Phnom_Penh
Canada CA 1 * depends on area code
Chile CL 56 America/Santiago
China CN 86 Asia/Shanghai
Colombia CO 57 America/Bogota
Cook Islands CK 682 Pacific/Rarotonga
Costa Rica CR 506 America/Costa_Rica
Croatia HR 385 Europe/Zagreb
Cuba CU 53 America/Havana
Cyprus CY 357 Asia/Nicosia
Czech Republic CZ 420 Europe/Prague
Denmark DK 45 Europe/Copenhagen
East Timor TL 670 Asia/Dili
Ecuador EC 593 America/Guayaquil
El Salvador SV 503 America/El_Salvador
Estonia EE 372 Europe/Tallinn
Falkland Islands FK 500 Atlantic/Stanley
Federated States of Micronesia FM 691 Pacific/Pohnpei
Fiji FJ 679 Pacific/Fiji
Finland FI 358 Europe/Helsinki
France FR 33 Europe/Paris
French Guiana GF 594 America/Cayenne
French Polynesia PF 689 Pacific/Tahiti
Georgia GE 995 Asia/Tbilisi
Germany DE 49 Europe/Berlin
Gibraltar GI 350 Europe/Gibraltar
Greece GR 30 Europe/Athens
Guadeloupe GP 590 America/Guadeloupe
Guatemala GT 502 America/Guatemala
Guyana GY 592 America/Guyana
Haiti HT 509 America/Port-au-Prince
Honduras HN 504 America/Tegucigalpa
Hong Kong HK 852 Asia/Hong_Kong
Hungary HU 36 Europe/Budapest
Iceland IS 354 Atlantic/Reykjavik
India IN 91 Asia/Kolkata
Indonesia ID 62 * depends on area code
Ireland IE 353 Europe/Dublin
Italy IT 39 Europe/Rome
Japan JP 81 Asia/Tokyo
Kiribati KI 686 Pacific/Tarawa
Kosovo XK 383 Europe/Belgrade
Laos LA 856 Asia/Vientiane
Latvia LV 371 Europe/Riga
Liechtenstein LI 423 Europe/Vaduz
Lithuania LT 370 Europe/Vilnius
Luxembourg LU 352 Europe/Luxembourg
Macau MO 853 Asia/Macau
Macedonia MK 389 Europe/Skopje
Malaysia MY 60 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
Malta MT 356 Europe/Malta
Marshall Islands MH 692 Pacific/Majuro
Martinique MQ 596 America/Martinique
Mexico MX 52 * depends on area code
Moldova MD 373 Europe/Chisinau
Monaco MC 377 Europe/Monaco
Montenegro ME 382 Europe/Podgorica
Nauru NR 674 Pacific/Nauru
Netherlands NL 31 Europe/Amsterdam
Netherlands Antilles AN 599 America/Aruba
New Caledonia NC 687 Pacific/Noumea
New Zealand NZ 64 Pacific/Auckland
Nicaragua NI 505 America/Managua
Niue NU 683 Pacific/Niue
North Korea KP 850 Asia/Pyongyang
Norway NO 47 Europe/Oslo
Palau PW 680 Pacific/Palau
Panama PA 507 America/Panama
Papua New Guinea PG 675 Pacific/Port_Moresby
Paraguay PY 595 America/Asuncion
Peru PE 51 America/Lima
Philippines PH 63 Asia/Manila
Poland PL 48 Europe/Warsaw
Portugal PT 351 Europe/Lisbon
Romania RO 40 Europe/Bucharest
Russian Federation RU 7 * depends on area code
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon PM 508 America/Miquelon
Samoa WS 685 Pacific/Apia
San Marino SM 378 Europe/San_Marino
Serbia RS 381 Europe/Belgrade
Singapore SG 65 Asia/Singapore
Slovakia SK 421 Europe/Bratislava
Slovenia SI 386 Europe/Ljubljana
Solomon Islands SB 677 Pacific/Guadalcanal
South Korea KR 82 Asia/Seoul
Spain ES 34 Europe/Madrid
Suriname SR 597 America/Paramaribo
Sweden SE 46 Europe/Stockholm
Switzerland CH 41 Europe/Zurich
Taiwan TW 886 Asia/Taipei
Thailand TH 66 Asia/Bangkok
Tokelau TK 690 Pacific/Fakaofo
Tonga TO 676 Pacific/Tongatapu
Turkey TR 90 Europe/Istanbul
Tuvalu TV 688 Pacific/Funafuti
Ukraine UA 380 Europe/Kiev
United Kingdom GB 44 Europe/London
United States US 1 * depends on area code and, optionally, zip code
Uruguay UY 598 America/Montevideo
Vanuatu VU 678 Pacific/Efate
Vatican City VA 379 Europe/Vatican
Venezuela VE 58 America/Caracas
Vietnam VN 84 Asia//Ho_Chi_Minh
Wallis and Futuna WF 681 Pacific/Wallis
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