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• 5.19

Dialing Restrictions Overview


Contact Center Administrator > Dialing Restrictions

Dialing Restrictions gives administrators more control over which destinations can be dialed from a contact center. The functionality of Dialing Restrictions is similar to Do Not Call Lists but Dialing Restrictions uses pattern matching to block or allow calls, can be assigned to services, campaigns, and teams, and applies to automated and manual calls.

This Daling Restrictions interface in Contact Center Administrator.

Two types of restriction classes

There are two types of restriction classes: default and custom. Both restriction classes use prefix pattern matching, which lets you allow or block calls to destinations.

  • Default restriction class: The default class applies to all calls from the contact center. You can override the default class by assigning a custom restriction class to a service, campaign, or team. Dialing Restrictions: Default Class Reference

When a call is made

When using services, campaigns, or team assignments, the restriction classes are applied in the following order of precedence:

Default class
The default class is always applied, but some destinations could be overridden using a custom class assigned to a service or team.
Custom class assigned to a service
If the agent makes an outbound call using a service, the custom class overrides the destinations listed in the default class, regardless of the agent's team.
Custom class assigned to a team
The team's custom class overrides the destinations listed in the default class when a team member makes an outbound call without using a service.

When a call is blocked

When a restriction class blocks a call to a destination, the call will be rejected, the disposition reflects the block. and a SIP 403 Forbidden error will be returned.


What if multiple rules apply to a destination? When evaluating a destination for restrictions, blocking rules take precedence. For example, if one rule blocks calls to destination 5129, and another rule allows calls to destinations prefixed with 51295, calls to 5129563745 are blocked.

Privileges to control access to the Dialing Restrictions configuration settings

The privilege Manage Campaign and Team Dialing Restrictions allows users to add, delete, edit, and assign service level and team level restriction classes. Without this privilege, users can only view the restriction classes.

The privilege Manage Default Dialing Restriction Class allows users to manage the default dialing restriction class.

For more information, see System Administration Privileges.

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