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Verint Pre-Defined States

Use this table to facilitate data mapping on the Verint workforce management (WFM) side and support integration with the Verint WFM application. This capability must be enabled for your contact center by the service provider.

Field name Type Value range Required Description
eventType long 26, 27, 28 M 26 for Login

27 for Logout

28 for any other state change

For events related to connection status (extErrorCode ≠ 0), this field shall be set to 28

agentId string Up to 128 characters M Configured username of the agent.
monitorParty string Always empty string O
timeStamp timestamp structure (see Verint spec) See Verint spec M Timestamp of the event.
agentMode long 1 for Ready

2 for Busy

3 for ACW

4 for Supervising

5 for Not Ready (regardless of  reason)

27 for Logout

M The interpretation and mapping of these states will be performed on the Verint WFM side.
agentGroup string Up to 24 characters O Can be set to an empty string.
agentData string Always empty string O
badDevType string Always empty string O
reasonCode string Up to 24 characters O For agentMode = Not Ready, reports the reason exactly as defined in BPCC configuration.

Interpretation and mapping of these reasons, if necessary, will be performed on the Verint side.

If the reason code is longer than 24 characters, the first 24 characters are sent.

For agentMode ≠ Not Ready, this field is set to empty string.

extErrorCode unsigned int 0 to 4 O 0 - The event is about an agent state change.

1 - The event reports the normal condition of the real-time feed (on startup and after the normal operation is restored.)

2 - Will not be used by BPCC.

3 - Real-time feed unavailable (reported when sending of agent events is not possible for any reason.)

4 - Graceful shutdown (e.g., account disabled, RTA service stopped.)

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