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• 5.19

Associating a Service with a DID Number

In order to associate an Omni DID number with a service or campaign, take the following steps.


1. In the Contact Center Administrator application, section Scenarios, create a new scenario; the Scenario Builder application will launch.

2. In the new scenario, add a Request Skill or Service block.

3. Select “Services” from the first drop-down menu, then select the appropriate service from the second drop-down menu.

4. Next, add and configure a Connect Call or Connect Chat block (found in the chat portion of the scenario).

5. Name and save your scenario by clicking Save.


Scenarios normally require the Find Agent block in order to determine the appropriate place to route the interaction. With Omni DID access numbers, the destination of the interaction is predetermined, therefore Find Agent is not required.

Scenario Builder
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