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• 5.19

Setting Omni DID Scenarios

Omni DID utilizes the Contact Center Administrator application’s built-in scenarios for inbound voice and SMS interactions, as well as internal direct voice calls. These built-in scenarios may be replaced in section Built-in Scenarios by other scenarios for these specific types of interactions.

But why would you want to replace these scenarios? Because you may want to automate identification, configure screen-pop, update activity history in your CRM, or all of these. When you configure custom scenarios for Omni DID numbers and internal direct calls, activity history is easily captured and stored where you need it (e.g., Salesforce).

The following explains how to configure scenarios specifically for DID numbers and internal direct calls:

1. Associating a service with a DID number

2. Posting activity history in a CRM integration account


In order to customize built-in scenarios, this feature must be enabled for your contact center. For more information, contact your service provider.

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