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Importing Localization Resources

Localization resources are imported to Jaspersoft Studio so that reports are displayed in multiple languages. These resources are found in the com subfolder of the report-template-libs folder in the package that you previously downloaded and extracted.

How to Import

To import the localization resources, follow these steps.

Step 1: In the MyReports project, create a folder called resources

  • In Jaspersoft Studio, navigate to the Project tab in the left-hand part of the screen.

  • Select MyReports.

  • Right-click MyReports and then select New > Folder.

  • In the dialog box that pops up, select parent folder MyReports and name the new folder resources. This is the folder that will contain your localization resources.

  • Click Finish.

Step 2: Import files

  • Right-click the resources folder and select Import….

  • In the dialog window that pops up, select File System.

  • Click Next.

  • Open the report-template-libs folder of the previously downloaded and extracted package and click OK.

  • Select the com subfolder and click Finish.


MyReports now contains folder resources and subfolder com.

MyReports > Resources > Com

Step 3: Build paths to the files within the project folder

Right-click resources and select Build Path > Use As Source Folder. Doing so makes resources a source folder available at the top of MyReports.

Making resources a source folder within the project folder
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