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To configure Twitter integration, you must have the following:

  1. A regular Twitter user account. You will need to have or create a regular Twitter account. This account will function both as your company's regular Twitter account and as your Twitter developer account. Note: In addition, you will need to add an email address to this account in your Twitter settings and confirm it.

  2. A Twitter developer account. Once your regular Twitter account is established, you will use it to apply for a developer account; the account is used to create the app that will send messages to your Bright Pattern Contact Center environment. For further instructions, see Applying for a Developer Account.

  3. A separate regular Twitter user account. This second user account will be for the purpose of sending test Direct Messages (DMs) to your first Twitter account.

  4. A configured chat service and chat scenario entry. Whether you are testing your configured Twitter integration or taking it live, you will need a configured chat service and chat scenario entry. For more information, see Administration Tutorials, section Chat Service Configuration.

Applying for a Developer Account

  1. From an existing Twitter account, go to Settings and privacy > General > About Twitter > Other > Developers. This will launch the developer site. Alternately, go directly to the developer site. Note: If you have not already done so, add an email address in your account settings; you will need a confirmed email address in order to create a developer account.

    Navigate to the Developer site

  2. On the developer site's homepage, click Apply in the upper right corner to begin filling out the developer account application. The application will ask why you're creating a developer account and what you plan to do. Fill in the application and wait for your developer account to be approved.

    Fill out the developer account application and wait for approval

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